Since Hong Kong’s return to China, many people have found that young people in Hong Kong have little knowledge of their motherland, least to say understanding. They are not very aware that Hong Kong people are all Chinese, no different from those in other Chinese cities.

To help the HKSAR government’s programme of “Know Thy Country” and interdisciplinary studies, the China Candlelight Educational Fund (CCEF) has, since its inception in 2000, provided funds to enable HK young people from different background to attend cultural exchanges, leadership training programmes in China. These programmes will enable our young people to understand China’s social and economic development, educational system and the habits and customs of the local people

Two-way Cultural Exchange Programmers

Activities for Hong Kong students in the mainland include visits to local educational institutions, discussions with mainland students enabling them to know each other’s way of life and even way of thinking, home visits to poor farmer’s cottages, experiencing villagers’ life and participating in farming. These activities have opened the eyes of Hong Kong students who hardly know what real poverty is, enabled them to appreciate their luck of living in an affluent society, made most realize that they must work harder in the future, and that to give is luckier than to receive, and developed a healthy philosophy of life.

To achieve the aim of cultural exchanges in both directions, CCEF also sponsors mainland students to come to HK to visit primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions, hoping that such activities will widen their vista and help them to know Hong Kong better.

Scholastic Achievement Competitions

Since 2004, CCEF has sponsored Hong Kong students to participate in academic competitions held in china, including the 9th Hua Luogeng Cup Mathematics Competition, and the 2006 2-shore 4-city Hua Luogeng Maths Elite Competition. About 4,500 Hong Kong secondary and primary students participated and achieved good results.

In 2007, CCEF, the H.K. Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture and Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation (伍絜宜慈善基金) jointly sponsored the “Wing Lung Star- HK Students Prose Writing Competition” with the aim of promoting love for Chinese literature, higher moral values and positive aspirations. The top students were sent to Beijing to enter for the countrywide competition in April 2007. Two Hong Kong students were given the highest Nation-wide Prose Star Award”.