Field Study

  1. Carry out field studies to gain first-hand information of the educational needs of the school in order to determine the urgency of the appeal, and to draw up feasible plans for the building project;
  2. Discuss with the local Education Board the future prospect of the school, the proposed building plan, and the building cost, etc.;
  3. Enquire about the financial arrangements, i.e. government commitment/subsidies, contributions from school or local villagers, and the appeal for assistance.

Building Agreement

  1. Draw up a Building Agreement signed by 3 parties: 
    (A) Donor - China Candlelight Educational Fund (CCEF) on behalf of the donor;
    (B) Executing Party - the school authorities/ or local government, being responsible for the building project; and 
    (C) Supervisory Party – the County/City Education Board, and/or other government or government-subvented organizations.

  2. Specify the building specifications, and the time-frame.

Monitoring System

  1. Conduct site inspections by representatives from CCEF or the Supervisory Party to report on the building progress at different stages of the construction work;

  2. Remit grants to the school at different stages; the last remittance to be made after receiving the official Building Inspection Report countersigned by the Education Board, and after the Opening Ceremony of the new school building attended by the donor.

Commemorative Plaque

Commemorate the donor’s generosity by erecting a memorial plaque in school specifying the donation amount, and by re-naming the school or the new building at the donor’s wish.

Evaluation and Annual School Report

  1. Keep the donor informed of the progress of the school after the project has been completed by requesting the school to forward annual reports on the school achievements;
  2. Evaluate to what extent the grant has made a difference in the school, e.g. in terms of improving the school environment, the quality of teaching, and students’ achievements, and what further assistance could be given, if needed.