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Mr. Wu Chi-hung, graduated from the National Taiwan University and obtained a diploma in education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was a master of philosophy from the University of Hong Kong. While serving at Ho Fung College, he was the head of the Chinese Language and Literature Department, the head of the Chinese Literature and Mandarin Department and the vice principal. He was devoted to education for 32 years. After his retirement in 2009, Mr. Wu began to participate in the voluntary work of the China Candlelight Educational Fund. Later, Mr. Wu was invited by the Lingnan University Elder Academy and the Yan Oi Tong Community Center to give lectures to the elderly. The courses were about Chinese language and literature including Chinese characters, Tang poetry, Song Ci, Confucian Analects , Lao Zi, Su Dong-po's poems and Wang An-shi's poems. Later, he was appointed by the Catholic Diocese as a primary school board member in Tuen Mun.

Mr. Wu has always concerned about the development of Chinese language education in Hong Kong. He was appointed as a member of the Chinese Language Educational Television Program Committee of the Hong Kong Education Department, chairman of the Chinese Subject Committee of the Sixth Form, and a member of the Chinese Language Education Committee of the Curriculum Development Council. He was also invited by the Examination and Assessment Authority to participate in the work related to "Chinese Language" and "Chinese Literature" subject of the HKCEE and HKALE.

In addition, Mr. Wu has participated in the compilation of junior secondary school Chinese history textbooks (Chiu Ming Publishing Co. Ltd.), several sets of Chinese language exercises (Hong Kong Everyman’s Book Co. Ltd. and Chiu Ming Publishing Co. Ltd.), and junior secondary school Chinese language textbooks (Keys Press). He wrote in columns about ethics and education in Kung Kao Po, which was the official press of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese. He also wrote educational reviews in newspapers and academic journals. He was one of the authors of the spiritual book "Growing in a Christian Group", which was published in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Mr. Wu served as the Chief Operating Officer of China Candlelight Educational Fund since 2011. He was serving until the end of 2020 to complete the historical mission of the Fund. In the past 10 years, Mr. Wu not only assisted the development of the fund's affairs, he also helped promoting teacher training in more than 30 counties and cities in China, including organizing summer English teacher training courses, principal education seminars, and class teacher workshops. The Fund has a strong team of volunteer tutors. They are rich in teaching experience, and at the same time promoting novel teaching methods and advanced concepts. They were well appreciated by teachers and principals in mainland China.