How we work

  • Field Study:
    Carry out field studies to gain first-hand information of the educational needs of the mountainous regions in order to draw up effective plans for school building projects.
  • Local Support:
    Work with the government and local authorities to ensure the successful completion of all school building projects.
  • Follow-up:
    Monitor closely all school building projects, keep donors informed periodically of the construction progress and send school annual reports to donors thereafter.
  • Screening:
    Vet all bursary applications, and interview applicants at random before drawing up the beneficiary list.
  • Acknowledgement:
    Acknowledge school building donations by erecting commemorative plaques in school, and by renaming the school/building at donor’s wish; send students’ “Thank-you letters” to donors for bursary grants.
  • Low Admin. Cost:
    Maintain the administration cost of the Fund to less than 5% of the donation.